Fedora 10 – Could not create a python script engine for plasmoid

This is my solution:

Remove any plasmoid and its directory in $HOME/.kde/share/apps/

yum remove kdebase-workspace-python-applet

yum install python-dev compat-python24-devel.i386 compat-python24-tools.i386 dbus-python-devel.i386 gnome-python2-devel.i386 ipython.noarch  pymol-wxpython.i386 python-devel.i386 python-fedora.noarch python-py.i386 python-pysctp.i386

yum install kdebase-workspace-python-applet

the re-install plasmoid with command:

plasmapkg -i plasmoid

plasmapkg -i 101229-gmail-plasmoid-0.7.3.plasmoid

madwifi-ng driver on fedora 8 and packet lost

Questi i passi necessari:

svn checkout http://svn.madwifi-project.org/madwifi/trunk/ madwifi-ng


cd madwifi-ng

make clean && make && make install

modprobe ath_pci

depmod -ae

iwconfig wlan0 essid wlan rate 11M

A questo punto ad ogni ping perdevo molti pacchetti. Per risolvere:

iwpriv wlan0 mode 2

in modo da forzare il funzionamento in 802.11b

Adesso tutto funziona!