I permessi di mysql



In 4.1.x, you don’t need to use CREATE USER. Simply using GRANT to
grant privileges to a user implicitly “creates” the user.

Quindi per la versione 4.1 e precedenti:

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'' = PASSWORD('mypass');

Eliminare dati locali outlook 2003

I want to refresh a folder or the entire local copy of my data.

Clear all items in a folder from the local copy

1. In the *Navigation Pane*, right-click the folder you want to clear.
2. Click *Properties*.
3. Click *Clear Offline Items*.

Clear all items from the local copy

1. Locate the file name and location of the .ost file.
1. In the *Navigation Pane*, right-click *Mailbox – /name/*.
2. Click *Properties*.
3. Click *Advanced*.
4. Click the *Advanced* tab, and then click *Offline Folder
File Settings*.

The file name and location is displayed in the *File* box.

2. Quit Outlook.
3. Delete the Offline Folder file (.ost) used by Cached Exchange Mode.
4. Start Outlook.

The offline copy of your mailbox will be recreated. This may take
several minutes, depending upon the size of your mailbox.

Mettere immagini avviabili su dispositivi USB da windows

Mettere immagini avviabili su dispositivi USB da windows

1. Formatta in FAT la tua chiavetta (o disco) usb
2. Scarica la tua immagine da mettere sull’usb e WinImage (scaricalo e
3. Apri WinImage, selezione l’immagine avviabile da trasferire sull’usb;
Poi scegli “Usa disco rimovibile (x:)”
4. Seleziona Scrivi immagine.
5. Il sw dirà che l’immagine deve essere ridimensionata… ecc…
rispodi si e continua
6. Adesso se non funziona l’avvio da usb scarica
e lancia syslinux x:
con x: unità della penna usb

Originale: http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/talk/node/67

2.f – Imprinting Bootable Images to USB Devices (Windows)

This is how to install DSL to a USB Key from Windows XP (98,NT,2000?)
workstation without burning the ISO and without having to boot into DSL
from the CD and partition theUSB key. (of course if you want to
partition it you’ll have to use a partitioning tool, cfdisk, or
something else like

1. Procure USB Key and make sure it is formatted with FAT, just to be
sure its working. (ugh.)

2. Download the images necessary (as of this writing, bootimage 0.8 was
used and filesystem image was used.) and also download WinImage
(a share/freeware program — google it.), and install Daemon Tools or
some other ISO viewing/manipulating program.

3. Open winimage, Select the boot image you wish to use, select “Use
removable disk (x:) with x: being the drive letter of your USB key you
wish to install DSL onto.

4. Select write image. It may say ‘image must be resized’ blah blah. Do it.

5. Once that is complete, view the USB drives contents in windows
Explorer. Mount the filesystem image to another drive. The filesystem
image contains a directory called ‘boot’. You can overwrite the files in
the root of the USB Key with the files from boot/. This basically replaces
bootimage 0.8 (since it seems to not be updated with the system release)
with what I’ll just call bootimage-current. (basically the boot files
for whatever filesystem image you’re using) In this case,

6. Confirm overwriting of the files. Assuming your bios is up to date,
and you’ve read a lot of the other facts on ‘making sure your usb key
will work with your bios, etc’) then all you should have to do is reboot
and set the USB drive as the boot drive. DSL boots up, loads, and thats
I’m writing this from.

7. For more help on ‘customizing’ your DSL install check doom4’s post in
this forum about ‘DSL on USB-stick HOWTO’ It also goes over some DSL
basics that I didn’t cover.

For the record, stay away from cheap knockoff USB keys…they’re fine
for windows and stuff like that but apparently it doesn’t like DSL.

Slax su penna usb

*Basic essentials:*

* A 256MB or larger USB flash drive
* HP-USB Format tool (Optional)

*Here is the tutorial:*

*Warning:* DO NOT RUN makeboot.exe from your local hard drive!! It is
intended to be run from your USB device.

1. Download
<ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp27001-27500/SP27213.exe> the
HP-USB Format tool and format your flash drive using the Fat or
Fat32 option.
2. Download
3. Extract the contents of the USBSLAXFULL.zip to your “flash drive”.
4. Browse to your “flash drive” and click the Makeboot.exe
5. follow the on screen instructions.
6. Reboot your computer and set your system BIOS to boot from USB-HDD
or USB-ZIP. Also set the boot priority if necessary.

*Please note:* This tutorial has been tested to work from a Windows XP
computer with .net and service pack updates. Other operating
environments may or may not support the use of the installer.

*origine: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2006/09/20/all-in-one-usb-slaxzip*

Parametri per la configurazione della posta elettronica (e-mail)

Parametri per poter mandare e ricevere le e-Mail
Fonte: http://www.mooseek.com/tecnologia/schede/00000032.htm

Fonte: Definitivo.it

GMAIL gmail.google.com/gmail pop.gmail.com smtp.gmail.com (connessione ssl)
BLU www.libero.it popmail.blu.it – pop.blu.it mail.blu.it – smtp.blu.it imapmail.blu.it 7027020000
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LIBERO ADSL www.libero.it popmail.libero.it – imapmail.iol.it – mail.libero.it ip : Dinamico – DNS1: – DNS2: protocollo USB:PPPoATM – VPI=8 – VCI=35 – Incapsulamento VC-Mux – Indirizzo ip : Dinamico – DNS Primario: – DNS Secondario: protocollo Ethernet: PPPoverEthernet – VPI=8 – VCI=35 – Incapsulamento LLC –
LIBERO.IT www.libero.it popmail.libero.it (POP solo se connessi a wind) – imapmail.iol.it mail.libero.it imapmail.libero.it DNS: dinamici – proxy.libero.it Porta: 8080 – : DNS2 – : ns1.libero.it – : DNS Infostrada 7027020000
WIND.IT www.wind.it
MSN HOTMAIL www.hotmail.com sea1fd.sea1.hotmail.msn.com

Per chi ha office: – Faq

downloaddetails/msoauth.htm http://xoomer.virgilio.it/_XOOM/dfs_oe/

MSN HOTMAIL IT www.hotmail.it
TELECOM ADSL SMART mail.cs.interbusiness.it mail.tuttopmi.it e DNS – ADSL smart di Telecom Italia VPI = 8 – VCI = 35 – Protocollo = PPPoA o PPPoE(se modem adsl ethernet) o IPoA (router adsl lan) – Incapsulamento = Vc-MUX (RFC2364) o LLC (SNAP, per adsl lan ip stat) –
TELECOM BUSINESS www.191.it mail.191.it – smtp.191.it o mail.191.it IP e DNS: dinamici – : 1-DNS1.fullcompany.telecomitalia.it 701 0191 191 Titolari di una linea affari Telecom Italia tradizionale (RTG) o ISDN – modem (analogico o isdn).Inserire Telecom come username e password – .
TELECOM CASA www.187.it IP e DNS: dinamici – : 1-DNS1.fullcompany.telecomitalia.it 701 0187 187 Linea residenziale Telecom Italia tradizionale (RTG) o ISDN – modem (analogico o isdn)
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ALICE ADSL www.alice.it in.alice.it out.alice.it “username accesso = nomesceltodalcliente (senza la parte “”@alice.it””) – User Connessione: aliceadsl – Pass Connessione: aliceadsl”
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Errore W32TIME nel log di Windows 2000 server

Errore W32TIME nel log di Windows 2000 server

A T T E N Z I O N E ! Questo post ha piu' di sei mesi. Le informazioni
contenute potrebbero non essere aggiornate.

Errore W32TIME nel log di Windows 2000 server, quando PDC di una foresta:

This Machine is a PDC of the domain at the root of the forest. Configure
to sync from External time source using the net command, 'net time


1) fermare il servizio w32time (net stop w32time)

2) configurare con un time server esterno affidabile, es: Istituto
Elettrotecnico Nazionale G.Ferraris – Torino (net time /setsntp:time.ien.it)

3) testare il funzionamento con w32tm -once -test -v

4) sincronizzare (w32tm -s), si ottiene una risposta tipo: "RPC to local
server returned 0×6b5″; se si ottiene 0×0 la sincronizzazione non è
andata a buon fine, accertarsi di avere effettivamente fermato il
servizio w32time

5) fare ripartire il servizio w32time

Credit: Adrian Grigoroff (www.eventid.net <http://www.eventid.net>)
Credit: Andrea Beggi