I want to refresh a folder or the entire local copy of my data.

Clear all items in a folder from the local copy

1. In the *Navigation Pane*, right-click the folder you want to clear.
2. Click *Properties*.
3. Click *Clear Offline Items*.

Clear all items from the local copy

1. Locate the file name and location of the .ost file.
1. In the *Navigation Pane*, right-click *Mailbox – /name/*.
2. Click *Properties*.
3. Click *Advanced*.
4. Click the *Advanced* tab, and then click *Offline Folder
File Settings*.

The file name and location is displayed in the *File* box.

2. Quit Outlook.
3. Delete the Offline Folder file (.ost) used by Cached Exchange Mode.
4. Start Outlook.

The offline copy of your mailbox will be recreated. This may take
several minutes, depending upon the size of your mailbox.

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